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 dental fillings treatment  

White Fillings

We are happy to offer NHS or Private fillings; currently under NHS only silver coloured fillings on the back teeth. Whilst these have the advantage of being cheaper they are not as aesthetically pleasing, and many of our patients opt for white fillings instead. 


White composite fillings

Whilst the NHS option of having amalgam fillings on the back teeth is fine functionally they are often regarded as unsightly to many people. So in place of these we offer white fillings in place of the metal ones. These are a private option and are slightly more expensive but they do look better in the mouth. These composite fillings have chemical bonding to hold them to the tooth rather than mechanical retention that the amalgam fillings use. This means less destructive means an be used to restore the tooth or if the tooth has been cracked or broken we can restore it with a filling rather than going for the crown option immediately.